GrowthRobotics in any language you want. Seriously any.

If there are more than 6,500 known languages in the world, why should we restrict you to just a few!

We’ve been getting loads of requests to make GrowthRobotics reports available infrequently used languages like French, Spanish, etc.

Our first thought was to provide the report in 7-8 languages when one of our fellow geeks came up with the idea to integrate this feature with Google Sheets and give the freedom of choosing the language to the user. Awesome, right?

What you get with this feature

  • Generate SEO Audit report in ANY LANGUAGE you want
  • 100% Customisable Labels, Short Description, and Long Description
How to select the preferred language for your report

Step 1:
Log in to your GrowthRobitics account.

Step 2:
Go to Report Manager and locate the ‘Language’ tab and click.

Step 3:
From the option ‘Click here to download the template’, download the current report template in CSV format. If you’re a first-time user, the default report is in English.

Step 4:
Open a new Google Sheet and name it as you wish. This is the sheet where you will need to put all the Labels, Short Descriptions, and Long Descriptions in your preferred language and text.

Step 5:
In the Google Sheet, go to File > Import and import the downloaded CSV

Step 6:
Once you have the CSV data in Google Sheet, you can change the long description to your desired language in Column ‘B’.

Step 7:
Now you can put your short descriptions in column ‘C’

Step 8:
Following the short description, you’ll see the ‘Labels’ section. You can put your text in column ‘B’.

Step 9:
Once you’ve put all the fields in your language and text, go to the Share button on the top right-hand corner of Google Sheet. Click Share and a pop-up will open.

Step 10:
Once you’ve clicked on ‘Share’, you will find the option of ‘Specific people can access’ as the first choice, click the ‘Change’ tab in front of it.

Then, click the first option called “Anyone with the link’’. Select that option and click done.

Step 11:
Copy this Google Sheets link and paste it in GrowthRobotics and save.
Done! Your GrowthRobotics report is now available in the language you want.
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