Case Study


ZNetLive Technologies is a world-renowned IT and Cloud solutions provider. It caters to 90K+ customers across the globe through its different ventures and collaborations. ZNetLive has 26 industry awards and accreditations under its belt. It offers cloud technologies and enterprise solutions in partnership with Microsoft, AWS, and IBM.


Increase Website Traffic


Leads Increased

Business Challenge

ZNetLive had a good marketing team and were able to generate good website traffic. They had Subscribe us form but the conversions on it were very low. They needed an alternate solution to convert website visitors into subscribers and leads.

The Solution

During research, the client came across SiteAuditor, a lead generator tool. They decided to try the 14-day trial and found the results to be positive. They added it on their homepage for the visitors to audit their website for SEO performance and helped them find loopholes in their website.


With SiteAuditor SEO audit tool, ZNetLive was able to generate 5,000+ leads in 11 months! The data generated through the SEO audit helped the client to move the leads down the funnel and saved their efforts in creating gated content. The entire exercise strengthened the marketing efforts of their web services.

It's an excellent tool. We got 50+ leads in just 2 days by simply adding it to our blogs.

Munesh Jadoun

Founder of ZNetLive