Website SEO
What does it mean to ‘Audit’?
An ‘Audit’ carries with it a negative connotation. However, it can have a remarkable positive effect on website performance in today’s digital markets. A website audit provides insights into how accessible your website is and what needs to be changed.

Website audit includes paying close attention to key metrics that indicate present operational statistics of websites. Above all, website audit provides insights into how visible the website is, through Search Engines, and the ease of user experience, which are the primary objectives of website creation.
Whether you’re looking to increase traffic, conversions, time spent on-page, or smart marketing, a website audit will provide you with real data to ensure that decision-making is based on a fact-based approach instead of a fallible opinion-based or assumption-based approach.
Take some time and find a good website audit tool, and you’ll be glad you did so.

Do I need to Audit my website?

While having a website by itself ensures that it’s out there, a Google study says, “There are more than 1.2 trillion searches per year”, and the attention span of the average reader is 8 seconds; staying on top alone will ensure that your website is read. Put simply, and a website audit ensures that your website is on top of the pile.
This is achieved through actionable insights and recommendations in the form of a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Report generated as a product of the website audit process.

1. Website Audit is a time-consuming process
It is a common misconception that website audit is a tedious and time-consuming activity. And, this one misconception leads Businesses to forgo this activity in an attempt to “save time,” and concentrate on traditional marketing techniques.
However, a website audit report can be generated in a minute In contrast to traditional Auditing, and a website audit is done using the software to obtain quantifiable and reproducible numbers based on metrics that can be suitably updated and modified according to market trends.
This flexibility, in combination with quick results, makes the website audit a more productive alternative. 

2. Website Audit is a costly affair
Another common misconception is that the website audit is a costly process. This follows from a traditional understanding of Audit, where it is treated as a chargeable service.
However, we, at RoboAuditor, provide the audit report at free of cost. Visit the site and use the first-time service to check how it meets your needs; it’s free.

3. Website Audit is the work of experts only
Website audit sounds like a word only experts use. On the contrary, with more software work involved, information gathering has become a commonplace activity. You can bring in an expert at a later stage to see fix the issues.

4. Website Audit does not bring in business
Another major misconception is that it will not bring in business. On the contrary, a website audit will bring in lots of information on current page statistics. This information can be used to accomplish an SEO, friendly interface.
The inevitable outcome of a highly visible website is the increase in web traffic. So you can overlook the fourth misconception regarding Website Audit, that it will not bring business.
Website audit in the traditional sense may be understood as an institutional formality. However, it is safe and prudent to conclude that the Website Audit is, in fact, a Business Incentive.
If I were to write a stepwise procedure, I’d say, Website audit groups the aspects which influence search engine optimization for the content we create, quantifies them, provide real data, and finally makes suitable recommendations for future optimization.
There’s something to be said about a smart digital marketing process that must be fact-based, continuously optimized, and tailored to change with what is trending. Website Audit is an excellent tool to accomplish all this.

Once you look past these four misconceptions about Website audit and are ready to take the big leap, you are sure to achieve profitable results through some good decision-making. And very quickly, you will make it a periodic activity to ensure your website is audited.
Digitalization is no longer an option. As the practice of innovation in business has become the new norm, marketing must also occur on digital platforms to ensure that all possible avenues are optimally utilized to achieve the desired goals. A good Website Audit Tool will streamline feedback on important metrics which enable SEO-optimized website for attracting businesses.

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