Landing Page Redirects

What is landing page redirect?

Several factors that contribute to how fast (or slow) web page loads. The basic idea behind the loading of a web page is that a user sends a request to the server to fetch a page and the server responds back. The idea is to minimize the time it takes for this client-server interaction to take place. 

When redirects are added, it increases the time it takes for the page to load. Not only does this translate into poor SEO practice, users who expect a shorter loading time, hit the back button and look for the desired information on a different website instead.

Why is landing page redirect Important?

1.Platform Redirects

Gone are the days when a website was designed to be rendered solely on a computer or laptop browser. Users now access web pages through a variety of electronic devices including smartphones, tablets and iPads, gaming consoles and even smartwatches. 

With the proliferation of such devices, website owners have to design a website that is compatible with different devices. So if a user accesses a web page using his or her phone, the web page has to be redirected to a mobile version.

2. Modified URL Source 

If the URL of the site is changed, then you just have to redirect the original URL to the new URL. This allows people to access the site, even those with the old URL, without having to encounter ‘page not found’ errors.

Best Practices for landing page redirects?

1. Avoid referencing a URL which redirects another one

This drastically adds the time it takes for the server to respond to the client. Additionally, if the referenced URL’s location changes, it adds, even more, redirects and increases the page load time. 2. A redirect should be single and clean. 

For example, If URL A redirects to URL C, it should go there directly without going through a URL B. 3. 

2. Redirect only when necessary

As a website owner, you must use redirects only when technically necessary. For instance, analytics are important for understanding how your web page is performing, but they can add redirects, which will increase the loading time. 

It is necessary in such cases to evaluate if it is worth the cost of adding time to the client-server interaction or if it might be better to forgo the benefits you can gain from having analytics in place.
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