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Let's Turn your cold leads HOT!!

We all have thousands of cold leads sitting idle in our CRM or Marketing Systems. They are ideally worth thousands of $$$$.

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Using RoboAuditor, you can easily convert the Cold leads into super hot leads!! Yes and it's possible with just one email

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Two Steps to Convert Cold Leads into Hot LEADS 

1. Create the Dynamic Audit URL

Dynamic Audit URL is a very powerful way of letting you generate the SEO audit URL for anyone who provides with email and website URL. 

The Dynamic Audit URL needs two parameters - Website URL and Email Address. All the CRM’s, Marketing Systems, Forms, etc. provide the merge fields (also called as personalization fields or dynamic fields).

Steps to Generate Dynamic Audit URL:

1. Go to Domain Manager and copy the URL. 
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Note: If you have set up a custom domain, then you can use that URL too.  

2. Add the merge fields - website and email as query parameters to the above URL. 

For example: If you are using the HubSpot CRM or Marketing Suite, then the Dynamic Audit URL will look like this

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Yes, You Did It 
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2. Create the Email Template to Reach Out: 
You are the masters of Email Marketing, and we are sure you can create a masterpiece email even while on the bed. 

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We have created this one, and it worked wonderfully well for us with an email open rate of more than 45% <that too for cold leads 🙂 >
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