You can integrate RoboAuditor to your website in one click
Wordpress is open-source software that allows you to create a fully functional website. It is one of the most versatile content management systems.

With Wordpress Integration:

 1. You can now embed RoboAuditor on all your web pages & blogs (even 100’s) in just one click.
 2. You can also embed RoboAuditor as a widget (widgets are the ones which are always available on the right-hand side of any blog)

You can integrate WordPress with the help of following simple steps:

Step 1:

Login to your RoboAuditor & click Integrations
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Step 2:

In the WordPress section, Click Download. A zip file will be downloaded.
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Step 3:
Now, Go to your RuboAuditor Dashboard and click on Plugin > Add New.

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Step 4:
Click Upload plugin. In choose file option just drag the zip file there and click install.

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Step 5:
In the left side menu, click RuboAuditor, enter the Embedded key.

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To get the Embed key, Go to your account (top right-hand corner), click user profile, you will find API key there- this is your key. Copy it and paste it in embed key section and just save it.
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Step 6:
If you wish to add RoboAuditor only to the blog posts then select option 1 and if you wish to add to all the pages then select option 2. And that’s it!!

Congrats!! Your WordPress integration is done

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