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Generate leads on your Wix Website by Using RoboAuditor Instantly
Wix is one of the top cloud-based web development platform use to built websites instantly. This is also a publicly-traded company that serves globally with completely organised privacy, payments, legal and product standards. 

Let’s connect the Roboauitor tool on Duda:

Step 1:

1) Log in to your Wix account and go to your Dashboard.
2) Click on “Edit Site” Option to start designing your website. 

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Step 2:

1) Click on the “Add more” button.
2) Select “More” and drag the HTML iFrame box into your required area on the Wix page.

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Step 3:            
1) Click Click on the “Edit Code” and Select “Code” .                                                                               
2) Place the Embedded code and Finally, click on the “Update 

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Step 4:
That’s all the setup of Roboauditor in Wix is done.                                                                        

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That's it!! Your setup of Roboauditor in Wix Website Builder is Blended up. You are good to go.   

How to add RoboAuditor to Wix Website Builder

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