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Duda is one of the leading responsive website builders for many hosting companies, digital marketing agencies, small businesses, and online professionals. Duda is quick and easy to use and often does not require prior experience. Also, this is an easy platform to work with and produce solid websites and engaging experiences.

Let’s connect the Roboauitor tool on Duda:

Step 1:

1) Login to your Duda account and go to your Dashboard. 
2) Click on the “Create a Responsive site”

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Step 2:

Choose your required template and stat design.
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Step 3:
1) Click on the “Widget” bar .
2) Select the HTML section and drag that into your required area on the Duda page.               

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Step 4:
Open the Settings of HTML section and Just click on the “Edit HTML/CSS” Option.       


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Step 5:
Place the Embedded code and Finally, Click on “Update”.                                                              

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Step 6:

That’s all the setup of Roboauditor in Duda is done.                                                                         
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That's it!! Your setup of Roboauditor in Duda Website Builder is Blended up. You are good to go.  

How to add RoboAuditor to Duda Website Builder
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