Do Bulk Audits on Your Leads

Bulk Audit Upload
With this feature, you can Upload all your leads at once. This helps a lot by avoiding manual entry and save a lot of time. 

So let’s see how this feature works in real-time

Step 1
Open your Growthrobotics account and Click on “Bulk Audits Upload
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Step 2
Once you click on the button you will see a popup box shown below
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Step 3
Now download the template by just selecting the “Click Here” option.
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Step 4
Open the downloaded template and add your data in a particular format i.e 1st column should be Email and the 2nd column should be Website and finally save the template.
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Step 5
Now go to your Growthrobotics account and click on “Bulk Audits Upload” and add your saved CSV file. 
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Step 6
That’s it your Bulk Leads got uploaded.
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Step 7
There is also an amazing option to get all your leads data with a single click. For that, you just need to click on the “Download Leads” button.
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That’s it and now can have your leads info including the SEO Audit URL in the downloaded CSV file.4
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Now import the list in any marketing systems like Hubspot, Mailchimp and send a personalized audit report to all on one go. 

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